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Building the Relationship


So you’ve found a person you feel happy with and everything seems to be serious, you feel you are in love.  And now you hesitate if everything you do is right. This site will help you to understand what is really important for good relationship.

The Right Choice of a Partner

 Both relationship and cohabitation is a very difficult thing. Two random people with a probability of 99% can’t get along together. Do not start dating with the first partner you’ve met. You must be sure that this person is the one with whom you want to build the relationship.

Maturity and experience is another importing element. It does not mean your age, but the number of people you’ve been dating with before. You must clearly understand that the person whom you are going to live together is fully suitable for living together in general and for living with you in particular.

The next thing that you need is readiness for relationships. You must feel the desire and the moral forces both for starting a relationship and maintaining it at the proper level. There should be mutual understanding and love between you. It is very important that the partners understand each other and make concessions, especially when it comes to trivialities like washing dishes or in questions like where to site the sofa. You should trust the person you are dating with.

Romance and feelings

Usually with time the romance starts to wane. But your beloved has already got used to receive from you some new emotions and pleasant surprises, so don’t forget about it, you can use internet site to look for ways to keep romance in your life. Relations should not be based on the calculation (a rich partner, having one of two good apartments, influential links of a partner or his close relatives). The only foundation for the relationship is feelings, love, affection and respect.

As well, it is very important that you can not only eat and sleep with the person you are dating, but can talk on many topics and have some common views on the future. It is necessary to agree in advance what and how you will do together.

Some more important points are ability to talk, hear and listen and the ability to forgive. In fact, everything, except chronic disrespect, can be forgiven. So don’t forget why you love each other and try to build your perfect relationship. I hope this site helped you with all your questions.