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Brief instruction on acquaintance on the Internet


Attitude to rooms for chat through the Network is very ambiguous. Some singles think that this is a waste of time, while others celebrate the wedding with the other half, which they found through the Internet. With confidence we can only say one thing: the popularity of dating sites is growing day by day. The explanation for this is simple: in this way you can communicate with singles from any country, of any age and status, which means that you can increase your chance to find a person with similar interests and tastes in rooms for chat etc.

Does online dating have a chance to grow into a strong relationship?

 Surely many singles have heard stories from friends about how they found their partners or already spouses via the rooms for chat etc. Moreover, this does not necessarily happen on special portals to search for a couple - someone “liked” the photo of the person they liked on the social network or started correspondence in the messenger. The effectiveness of dating on the Internet is confirmed by several experiments. For example, there is the study of the British psychologist Jeffrey Gavin. Volunteers who helped a scientist evaluate the effectiveness of online dating were made by young people aged 19 to 26 who were ready for serious relations. Their task was to register on a dating site in order to find a partner. At the end of the experiment, 72% of the participants continued close communication in real life, and some of them subsequently even entered into marriage.

How to get acquainted online: take note

There are several tricks that will not only help you find the right partner, but also protect you from fraudsters and other unpleasant individuals in rooms for chat etc. First, remember that the effectiveness of finding a partner will increase if you register on several sites at once. You select sites by several significant criteria: the number of registered singles, the target audience, the thoroughness of profile checking for blocking unscrupulous users and cheaters. Secondly, when communicating, touch on various topics: it is not necessary to talk only about work and household chores. Non-standard conversations will allow you to better understand the nature of the interlocutor and his tastes, habits. Thirdly, for registration it is better not to use your home or work email address - they can be hacked, and this will create many problems. Register a separate box.