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Always rely on yourself


How many people – so many opinions. So, most of them are divided in the society about the image of women being single or married. So, what is better and what does have more preferences? Frankly, this is not a problem no more in the modern world. A lot of men and women can decide it themselves is to stay single for a long time or to get married earlier. It’s not a problem to live together without any more attachment than sharing a common house. The truth is that you need to choose between the freedom and the responsibility, which comes when you are getting your marriage certificate.

Love When You Are Ready, Not When You Are Lonely

How to recognize the difference between companionship and romantic relations? It’s easy. Companionship does not require any serious responsibility and both men and women can plan their free time the way they want. They do not worry about being late home after work or about preparing food – they live on their own and follow the single limits created by them. Married life is a bit limited in the frame of personal space as soon as married men and women always need to share it with other people, with children, their needs and requirements. Although, there are a lot of single cases when both of the couple enjoy single life and are not obsessed in bringing up children. That’s why most of the men and women are looking for people with very similar interests and intent to build a nice, interactive future together.

To Love And To Be Loved

Lifestyle is another challenge for married and single people. Being single means being free enough for personal pleasure. You do not need to worry about food, about sleeping hour and related things. You set up them the way you like it and you do not need to worry whether other people like it or not. This is a profound element which separates men and women from the personal freedom to the limited living. It varies from a couple to couple and is very personal. There is always a good place for the compromise although not many people can fin it. Life is in our hands. So, there is no chance to spend it for the people we do not feel comfortable with, for things we do not enjoy and for moments which do not make us happy.