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A Happy Wife is a Happy Life


A lot of Russian ladies share a though that having a Western husband is equal to winning the jackpot. They see Western men as rich and ensured people, which mean that they will never feel the lack of money. Some ladies think that being the wife of the Western man is a springboard into the best western society. All in all, both positions have their meaning. It’s not all about money, but also about culture. Most of the Russian ladies do not realize the difference in the mentalities to the full. And the potential wife can never know how those differences influence their marriage. Actually, only a few Russian ladies can be called as “a good wife”, exactly the type required by Western men. Actually, this is not about the place, but about the person herself.

My Husband Has an Awesome Wife

Nowadays most of the Russian women are pretty demonized. Why are they? It’s a strange stereotype which has no exact argument. Every wife being she Russian wants a good husband, many kids and a cozy house. It’s not about how good is she at making “hearing salad”, it’s always about the atmosphere she is making at home as a wife.A modern world is famous with the credo: “Women and men have equal rights”, so their rights in the family are exactly the same as in the society. The family unit is a small government, so both are responsible for the things inside of it.

I Have The Best Spouse Ever

Family life is a special island. A wife and a husband should go through the process of socialization. Men are told to make money in order to keep their families, women are told to keep home and kids. A nice wife always takes the responsibility for domestic needs and marriage obligations in the family life. It was until now. But in the epoch of modernization, most of the women including Russian are needed as a workforce, which means being out of the status of the housekeeper.  Actually, no women or men have a “place” in this world; we all make our own way. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are Russian or not. It’s up to you, whom you really want to be in this world.