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A Girl Should Be Two Things: Classy and Fabulous


Interesting, polite, intelligent, loyal, communicative and generous: most of Russian ladies have a long list of the qualities for their perfect man to possess. So what kind of men is the best match for Slavic girls? Most of the ladies prefer their man to be good-looking within reasonable limits. Of course, if a man looks at the mirror longer than a lady it’s not accepted by Russian females. Man should always be a man in his actions, but the macho that is weak does not look that fashionable. Most of the girls are in search of the reliable partner, not a friend. Another thing which can catch the lady’s attention is the issue of prospect and it has nothing common with the amount of money he has in the wallet. If the man has a goal and follows it, that can be the issue of a good sign. He has to be strong in his believes for the future even if this “future” never comes.

Speaking Comes By Nature, Silence By Understanding

What is the conversation and how does it help to settle the understanding between guys and girls? Actually, that is the part of any healthy relation and it doesn’t matter if that is a friendship or love. Talking is the key point in developing connection. If you want to get to know a Russian lady better, you need to learn how to conquer her heart with words which are followed by actions and this should be initiated by a nice conversation. The proverb says, “Girls like with their ears” and so you should learn the knowledge of exciting expression which can surprise and Russian lady.

No one Ever Made A Difference By Being Like Every One Else

Here are some useful topics to talk about when meeting Russian and not only girls:

· Childhood Memories: Childhood can raise positive emotions in anyone. This topic will make her feel secure with you.

· Traveling: This topic can tell you about places she wants to visit, which characterizes her from various sides.

· Family: You should check out if your plans for future are similar, or else it will painfully ruin your relationships.

· Hobbies: It can tell what kind of things your girl likes and dislikes. Knowing about a woman’s hobbies not only reveals who she is and if she has an interesting life.