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4 Myth in relationships


Many women for years seeking for her man, disappointed again and again. Can't find your love? Perhaps you have prejudices that prevent you from finding your soul mate? This is only in fairy tales "and they lived happily ever after." In real life, to find your soulmate you need to sweat. Or is it much easier? It is just worth getting rid of the "garbage" in the head, which prevents the search for love for many years.

Myth 1 - you deserve the best man

Woman seeking for a man who often does not match her. There is nothing wrong with this, except that she spends all the time seeking for that very thing. At the same time forgets to invest in yourself.

Myth 2 - first love yourself

Women believe that you can love your neighbor only by loving yourself first. They do not enter into a relationship until they figure it out. On the one hand, this is correct. After all, having worked hard on herself, the girl does not bring her “cockroaches” into the relationship. On the other - who said that you can not love another without self-love? It is not necessary to refuse to search for yourself. This can be done in them.

 Myth 3 - you can't depend on a man

They are all traitors and it is impossible to predict from what angle the knife will fly in the back. Therefore, only independence from a man will save a woman. The girls put on armor and enter into relationships as if on a battlefield. No one says that a woman should totally depend on a partner and look into his eyes with an open mouth - what a cool he is.  But to show weakness in questions that a man can decide - why not? You do not want? Then do not say that men are bad.

Myth 4 -he will change for my sake

Forget it! A man never changes for someone. This is all a myth! You are the only one who can push him to change himself. He is himself a motivator . Relationships with the promise of “he change for my sake” always end in a break. Do not harbor illusions and do not enter into such. Go ahead and look for more interesting options.

Love ... A lot means this word. Everyone understands something under him. Someone dreams of her, somebody runs from her, someone denies, someone asks for it, but at the same time they are all looking for her. Man can not live without love. Love is a wonderful feeling in our lives. Without it it is impossible to do without. A loving person glows with happiness.