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Relationship after 40s: What Do Ukrainian Women Have to Ask Themselves?


No matter how exciting the search for love is, after a while it starts to tire, especially if the search is not too successful. And age has nothing to do with it. However, there is still a lot of talk about finding a partner is much more difficult in adulthood. I understand why this is so, let’s find out what girls think about before going on search.

Some Ukrainian ladies claim that the search for the second half at the age of 40+ is very different from such searches in 20+: there are different desires and needs, priorities. It is important to abstract yourself from emotional involvement and determine what you are looking for (and cannot find), since it is very possible that your desires are simply unreal. There are two main questions that Ukrainian woman needs ask before starting a search for a new partner and relationship:

How big is your emotional baggage?

Very often over time,girlsbegin to fear the unlikely things that our bitter experience forces us to look for in potential partners, so as not to get burned again. It really hinders to move forward. It is important to get rid of the demons of the past to give a chance to someone in the present and the future.

Is your heart open for a new love?

By giving a chance to another person, girls must be sure that neither their heart nor their thoughts are occupied by someone else. Otherwise, they will be dishonest in relation to a person and do not allow relations to be clean, breathe and develop naturally. But above all, be honest with yourself.

One Ukrainian lady shared her story with me. She created a family in adulthood and, she said, she was obsessed with the idea that she needed to find a partner. She tried to understand why she could not do it as easily as the rest. But when she met one man, everything else happened so swiftly that all doubts were dispelled that he was the same. She fell in love with the whole heart. It is a real miracle that people in the 40s and 50s after the divorce still find partners for themselves and even get married. Yes, with age we become mature, selfish people, and I consider it a real miracle to fall in love and love so that from selfishness does not remain a trace.

On the other hand, some girls who decided not to focus on the search for the second half, said they are not disappointed or sad about it. They cannot even imagine a man capable of accepting a person like they are.


The first appointment: how to endure the first exam of love


Many guys do not know where to invite girls to a first date. After all, on the first date, the fate of the relationship is decided, the main thing is to please each other with their communication and common interests. In the article you will learn more tips, where to invite girls on the first date, to surprise them and interest and continue further meetings. Of course, maybe you do not like the girl, but just in case it's better to be what you are and show your strengths on the first meeting.

Try to go to a cafe

Many guys invite girls to a first date in the movie, but you do not need to do this, since you will not have time for communication. You need to choose a place where you feel free to communicate and get to know each other as long as possible.
Therefore, it is best to invite a girl to a first date in a cafe, where it is quiet and not noisy, so that you are free to communicate more comfortably. To do this, you need to know such a cafe and pre-visit it several times to prepare the best place for a first meeting. The main thing, do not be afraid to communicate, as girls like to communicate on the first meeting and to learn about you a lot of new things. If you are not sociable in nature, then feel free to ask the girl questions and support her conversation. Then it will make more impression, because all people basically like to talk more about their own person and their stories than to listen. Learn to listen and understand the girls and you will succeed.

Park is a beautiful and romantic place

The first meeting is needed for communication, so you can invite girls to a first date in the park, where it's very beautiful and interesting to communicate. You should not be disturbed and distracted from communication, so it is in the park that you can invite a girl to a first appointment. It's not so important a place for a date as the ability to feel free to communicate with girls, seduce and interest them. So try to say compliments to the girl, ask about her hobbies and joke and have fun as much as possible. Be yourself, so that in the future this was not a fraud. Learn: why men change wives. Invite a girl to a first date can be anywhere, the main rule - choose the place where you can communicate. If you choose a place where you will be prevented from communicating, then you will not be able to interest the girl in any way and you cannot hope for a second date.


Am I In Love?


It happens that love hits a single like a thunderbolt, and there's no turning back, and everything is clear right away. This is a love at first sight, but it happens that love is born gradually, and it takes time to grow and grow stronger. Slow love does not necessarily have less hope for the happy dating in the future. But its manifestations are ambiguous, and sometimes we are lost in conjecture: is it real, or has it only seemed to us?

Such uncertainty does not at all diminish the strength of the senses, but reflects the struggle that develops within us. Let's try to decipher the signs of this nascent love.


Often the body tells us about love first, even if we do not pay attention to the symptoms. Single may experience anxiety, his body ejects adrenaline, which accelerates the heartbeat and increases sweating. At the same time, we are attracted, and in our body, dopamine, serotonin and endorphins are released, hormones that have an effect opposite adrenaline. These hormones of love cause the expansion of blood vessels, so our cheeks turn pink. The voice also changes. As a rule, wishing to seduce someone and start dating, women begin to speak in a higher voice, and men more hoarse. A single becomes awkward. We want to be interesting, but we say banalities. What we can’t express in words, we express with our whole being. When we start dating, both our interlocutor and the situation as a whole acquire great significance for us and we begin to fear that we will not be able to match it, our unconscious agrees with us, forcing us to commit awkwardness and misses.  It seems that this behavior is contrary to our goal, because we hope to please another. However, the single that witness our misses most often understands them correctly.


When it comes to a partner who does not meet our conscious criteria, but worries about our unconscious, we are losing ground. We try to get wise and at any cost return to the right (habitual) way. In addition to this, we may be frightened by our own desire to begin dating with this person and we are trying to escape from it.

Fantasies About the Future

Another sign of the incipient love is the tendency to draw scenes of a happy future, even the most ordinary ones. Love is a willingness to give someone else a place in their lives, not just on the couch.


Ideas of hobbies for a couple


Among your friends there are many couples who have common interests and hobbies? Not much? Then find about ideas for spending time together, which can grow into a hobby for people who love each other on the site here.

Bicycle tours and rock climbing

Bicycle tours: ride on the bikes is always fun and useful. In addition, both of you will be delighted with the process of riding, so you can surprise your second half whom you love with your ability to get up pirouettes or get close, asking him to hedge you until you learn not only to saddle, but also to control the iron horse. Biking will give an opportunity to open new places and visit already loved ones. Weekly competitions can easily become a favorite hobby for two people who love each other. You can find more information on the site in the Internet.

Rock climbing is a very interesting and fascinating activity that will please both you and a person you love and date with. First, practice on the wall for rock climbing, and then safely you can go to the mountains. There are some nuances here: this kind of entertainment is suitable for couples who do not suffer from serious illnesses, because it requires serious physical activity, you can find information on the site about rock climbing.

Traveling and gym

Traveling –From where to get money? » - You can object, but we do not say that it is a question of traveling all around the globe together. Think about it, but did you see and find everything in your native village? We are already silent about the fact that you can open unexplored places only a few kilometers from your home. And for this, millions are not needed, the main thing is desire and imagination, and love will help you to overcome kilometers of distance.

How to be without sports! Pull up the figure,find a charge of good mood and just have a good time - it's nice and fashionable. Believe me, drinking beer and sipping a cigarette together is much more boring than dancing, running swinging muscles and doing a joint self in honor of the appearance of a new cube of the press. Buy two tickets online on the site to the gym, and neither you nor he will be afraid that some inflated handsome or a girl with perfect forms will lead the second half.


What do we expect from a relationship?


What do men want? We do not understand their logic. They say that they value kindness and complaisance in women, but they themselves look behind obstinate bastards. They are seeking for an unselfish woman, but fall in love with such a "party-girl", whose love is measured by the possibility of a man to fill her life with Gucci, Maserati, Tiffany. They dream to connect their destiny with a woman who can understand and forgive, and marry a narcissistic egotist. So where is the truth? What are gentlemen seeking for in women?

What do men need?

"Look, watch, listen to men, but do not believe what seems obvious in their behavior. Read between the lines! "- advise psychologists. A man wants to see beside him a complaisant woman, but not weak-willed; unselfish, but knowing her value; understanding, but having her own opinion. All men have a list of basic needs, the fulfillment of which will allow finding that very middle ground and giving the man exactly what he expects from the relationship. The most courageous, successful, strong and brutal men are seeking for support from women in life. When he creates a relationship with a woman, he hopes that in the truest sense of the words these cinematographers will be "in sorrow and in joy, in wealth and in poverty, in sickness and in health." He will connect his life with that woman who, even if the whole world is against him, will stand behind him and give him cartridges.

Gratitude and admiration
Many women find it difficult to understand, but gratitude is no less important than a bed. Unfortunately, the ability to thank and admire, as a rule, is inherent in fresh relationships. Men like children, they should be praised for the eaten porridge (especially if it is not a success today), thank for obedience and admire successes (painted a fence, defended a thesis, earned a million). There is no greater motivation for a man than sincere gratitude and admiration. This is real magic. Each of them has his own individual notions about the manifestation of women's care and attention. Someone is enough that a beloved woman brews coffee every morning and does not forget to throw a pinch of salt there, as a man likes; someone is seeking for a daily change of handkerchiefs in the color of a shirt in the breast pocket of a working suit; Anyway, but rigorous observance of these daily rituals, traditions or routine actions turn the relationship into love.